Month: February 2015

Susurrus: Snow Day at Home

This weekend our bungalow was dusted with the most delicate blanket of snow. The weather’s mostly kept us cozied up inside with our books and hot whiskeys, but for awhile I ventured out to just watch, and listen. There’s nothing in the world quite like the sound of a fresh snow. Save

Here And There: Cold Weather Outfits + #StyleStories15 Interview

Interview: #StyleStories15 Feb 16, 2015 A brilliant idea coinciding with New York Fashion Week, #stylestories15 highlights good style that’s working for good: outfits created from ethical and sustainable finds from around the world. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to participate by my friend Malorie of The Ethical Writers Coalition, and as promised, Rose & Fig’s feature is now up. I’m sharing my favorite places to shop sustainably, details on my thrifted and vintage outfit, and what influences my personal style: Interview right this way, or read below: 1. Tell us about your outfit: who made it and why do you love it? As with most of my outfits, this one is a comfortable blend of favorite second-hand finds. The whole thing is thrifted, from the Louboutins (found on Tradesy), to the Phillip Lim bag (from eBay), to remaining bits picked up at a favorite charity shop: a Saks Fifth wool jacket, Joie Pants, Charter Club button down, Moda International sweater, and vintage sunglasses and jewelry. My engagement ring is an estate piece …