Month: May 2015

DIY Beauty Recipes: Coconut Oil, Activated Charcoal, Pink Salt

A few of you have asked about DIY beauty recipes that use ingredients mentioned in this month’s post on natural beauty routines. Over at my Canadian friend Malorie’s site, EF Magazine, I’m sharing loads of beauty routine ideas with three favorite ingredients from the kitchen: coconut oil, activated charcoal, and salt. Check them out with Mal’s collection of thoughtful posts on ethical and sustainable fashion, and have a wonderful weekend!

How To Be A Better Wine Buyer

My friend Terrye Schaetzel knows how to throw a great party. So when she generously invited CPR and I to join friends in a wine-tasting for her new wine learning and curation experience, Veranda & Vine, we knew a delicious day was in store. What we didn’t know was that a single afternoon primer could leave us more educated wine drinkers and better wine buyers. Ready to learn un peu Français avec moi? Allons-y, to the Chardonnay soiree: We kicked off the afternoon with a flute of Lefèvre Rémondet Crémant De Bourgogne (Burgundy, France), an effervescent Chardonnay, because a bottle of sparkling wine is how to wordlessly let people know it’s time to party. Très Chic, Non? Bright and light, it paired up perfectly with the raspberries and cheeses Terrye suggested. Over bubbles we reviewed note cards for more wines we’d experience, complete with a map of the prominent regions of France from where our vintages hailed, as well as handy sections to jot our own tasting thoughts. Round One: Sparkling wine, everyone wins! Then …

Spring Wellness Rituals: My Natural Beauty Routine

2017 update: I’ve edited down a bit on my beauty bag since this post. Here’s my current makeup routine, simpler everyday skincare, and weekend facial ritual. Rahua and Weleda, mentioned below, are still two of my favorites. I switched to Weleda’s citrus deodorant last year – it works just as well as the rose, and I like the scent a bit more! More than anything my skin loves a solid routine. Adjusting these beauty habits with the seasons works really well for my body and spring has brought on quite a few changes since my last wellness check in. I’m craving more exfoliation, lighter moisturizers, and loads of detoxifying salts, herbs, essential oils, and fresh spring scents. Still on track with my beauty resolutions, I’m also continuing to clean out my medicine cabinet to: Phase out products that are tested on animals or contain any toxic ingredients Support naturally-minded brands that give back Feed my skin and body more vitamins Sound like your cup of (Get Gorgeous antioxidant) tea? Let’s go! FACE SKINCARE & MAKEUP …