Month: January 2017

Well Made & Worn Well: 4 Steps to Clarify, Clean, Organize Your Closet

   Arriving here from the Decatur Tiny House Festival? Welcome and thanks for coming to my talk with Alternative Apparel. If you run into any questions with this guide, give me a shout at or drop a note over on Instagram or Twitter. Here’s that code we mentioned: TINYFEST30 It’s good for 30% off everything Alternative through the end of December. And here’s my new blog, Where With Elle. It’s all about travel, sustainable living, and life’s adventures. Hope you love it! A well-worn wardrobe is filled with stories. When we consider our clothes as intentional investments, we clarify new chapters within ourselves and we unearth a better sense of what’s important to us – of exactly what we want in life.

What’s Your Perspective?

This morning I stepped out into a snow-dusted wonderland. The air’s clean and cold. The sun is strong. The sky is true blue. The century-old grove of trees in our backyard tinkles proudly in its winter finery — bare branches enveloped in a thousand sparkling icicles. For the first time in a long time, the world around me feels calm, quiet, comfortable. It’s beautiful. The other day I read that procrastination is just your mind and body joining forces to make you stop and listen, to change course or edit your priorities. Well. I’ve been procrastinating over this post. I’ve been nervous and unsure of how to touch on a new conversation with the universe, with you.