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Socially-Conscious Makers Market: Orange Harp

Authentic. Well-made. Long-lasting. Socially-conscious. These words are not spoken enough around this weekend which marks a few American holidays. With so much emphasis on sales and giving and getting, it’s all too easy to become wrapped up in the frenzy of more and to forget to figure out the stories behind the things we choose to buy. This time of year I constantly remind myself to consider what is joyful, beautiful, useful; what is consciously made, well made, fairly made. In the past discerning these good objects has felt like an arduous research project for me as many retailers can be opaque or even deceptive about their labor, materials, and manufacturing practices.

Tvachia Leather Co: Give + Get Giveaway

This season I’m excited to be collaborating with local friends Tvachia Leather Co. to share their new gorgeous collection and to give away two of their beautiful, drum-dyed bags. Based in Atlanta, Tvachia designs rich, minimal bags that are handmade in Calcutta. The name Tvachia comes from “tvacha,” the Hindi word for leather, and at the company’s core is a focus on quality, detail, and a generous spirit. Tvachia is a long-time supporter of Asha for Education, a non-profit organization aiming to close the equality gap in India, where each pebbled leather bag is hand-built by Calcuttan artisans. Their current collection hopes to inspire life, love, simplicity, and giving. In keeping with that message, one Rose & Fig reader will receive two Tvachia bags of your choice: One to keep, and one to give to a friend. To enter: Follow @roseandfig and @tvachia on Instagram, then tag someone special in a comment on this photo letting them know why you’re thankful for their friendship. Each comment counts as an individual entry, so the more generous …

What To Wear: Light Hiking, City E-Biking, Outdoor Exploring

Labor Day means heading north for a weekend at Big Canoe to share home cooking and football over campfires and Georgia beer with family. And at last… riding boots! Have a wonderful weekend, y’all. Frye Paige Boots (on sale). Bespoke bag designed in collaboration with the wonderful Andover Trask. Quartz necklace from Le Fortune (similar on Etsy). Michael Kors Runway watch. Thrifted Madewell Alley Jeans (true to size), LOFT space dye tee, Ralph Lauren fishing vest. Vintage Ann Taylor belt.   Pruning the Roses Sep 13, 2014 The other day I was on our back deck with a cup of coffee when I came eye to eye with one brave little squirrel. Paws covered in peat, she paid me little mind, disregarding the sunshine and the wind in the trees alike as that walnut-sized brain seemed to cry out “Winter, winter, winter!”. We’re not so different there. Lately I’ve kept busy stocking up and storing away, following that seasonal instinct to squirrel away the seeds of ideas and projects as the weather starts to cool …