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Summer Staples: Blue Ridge Mountains, Tennessee

All you really need in the summertime is a tall iced coffee, a mountain to climb, waterfalls and forests to explore with your favorite people and pups, and a few solid outfits that will breathe with you through the afternoon breeze. For a recent weekend getaway wandering the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee, I packed a few trusty wardrobe staples along with some new favorites I’ve picked up this season.

3 Weeks in Europe: A Complete Guide to Packing Light & Printable Packing List

Pack for three weeks in Europe with a single carry on. Plus: capsule wardrobe packing system, what’s in my bag, travel tips, printable packing list. For a long time I’ve been whittling down my travel luggage. If broken roller bags, sore shoulders, a feisty baggage fee episode en route to Zambia, and the mental image of a single suitcase languishing on the tarmac of the Madrid airport have taught me one thing about exploring this world, it is this: Pack light to travel well. How light? Whether a trip is three days or three weeks, my max is a 10 kg / 22 lb duffel bag paired with a little backpack. Twenty-two pounds is the limit for carry on luggage on most smaller airlines, and according to seriously old school backpacking experts it’s also my ideal pack weight. For me, traveling well means having enough clothes, toiletries, and travel essentials to be comfortable without dragging along anything I could do without. The fewer things I carry, the less I have to worry about keeping track …

Sustainably Chic: Eco Travel Hacks

Just in time for fall adventures I’ve just shared a few of my favorite eco-friendly travel tips at Bodhi & Birch’s new blog, The Leaf. Head over to the gorgeous journal to check them out and explore Gem Bolton and crew’s musings on body and mind care, ethical makers, and how to recharge this Autumn. More on how to pack light and travel well and a handy festival packing list. Paris photo above is from this trip.  

Packing List: Summer Music Festival Glamping

Everlane backpack and v-neck, Lou & Grey shorts. Photos by Stu Haluski. I’m off to Washington, DC to kick off a week of champagne, girl talk, glamping, and killer music at Firefly Festival. Working through the details of what to bring on the trip, the bridesmaids and I put together a spreadsheet chock-full of festival essentials, tips and tricks, and a detailed packing list that is universally handy for any hot and humid summer festival – especially if you’re flying! From wardrobe to beauty bag to handy tools, this list covers everything I’m taking to DC and Deleware for six days… And it’s carry-on friendly! Save the glamping supplies and groceries, I’ve tucked every item on these lists into one Bric’s duffle and an Everlane backpack (more packing tips right this way). And whether the hot summer weather takes you to Firefly (say hi?) Bonaroo, Coachella, Hangout, or Ultra – and whether you’re camping, glamping, B&Bing, or couch surfing – safe travels and travel well!   JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it …

Smart and Stylish Travel: Packing Tips + The Six Cs

These tips were posted shortly before my two-week trip to Paris, France and Barcelona and Ibiza, Spain with only a single duffle bag in tow. Since this post, I’ve put together an extensive guide to traveling lighter – it includes detailed steps and a printable packing list template. Bespoke bag designed in collaboration with Andover Trask. Ever-beautiful BodhiLuxe Magazine is centered around a mindful modern lifestyle and champion of all that’s natural, ethical and sustainable. The sister magazine to Bodhi & Birch is all about savoring life’s little luxuries, and today, all about my take on smart and stylish travel: Here are my “Six C’s” to packing lightly, travel wardrobe tips, beauty favorites, and what’s in my carry-on. SMART & STYLISH TRAVEL It has to be said, stylish travel is a bit of an art form. Want to look more Bardot than Dora the Explorer this summer? Read this inspiring piece by the ever stylish and super organised Jess Hunt… Living a train ride away from the world’s busiest airport has its perks. Taking a handful …