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What’s Your Perspective?

This morning I stepped out into a snow-dusted wonderland. The air’s clean and cold. The sun is strong. The sky is true blue. The century-old grove of trees in our backyard tinkles proudly in its winter finery — bare branches enveloped in a thousand sparkling icicles. For the first time in a long time, the world around me feels calm, quiet, comfortable. It’s beautiful. The other day I read that procrastination is just your mind and body joining forces to make you stop and listen, to change course or edit your priorities. Well. I’ve been procrastinating over this post. I’ve been nervous and unsure of how to touch on a new conversation with the universe, with you.

What’s Inside My Wardrobe: A Complete Closet Inventory

Three years ago I woke up early one morning, gazed deeply upon the sparkly baubles of my colorful closet and foggily pondered three questions: Who am I, what am I going to wear, and why is the theme song to “Reading Rainbow” stuck in my head? In retrospect the answer to that last quandary was obvious (and if RR is now stuck in your head, might I offer a soothing classic that will effectively obliterate anything else on your mind).

First Day of Fall: Setting Intentions

Fall has a way of washing over me like a warm bath after a long day. Swirling around in greens and golds, teasing candle flames with its gentle airs, soaking the senses with firewood and scotch and apple pie — fall is the warm, caramel refrain of your favorite jazz song. The coltish delight of learning something new. The onomatopoeia of uncorking a juicy Willamette Pinot, bone-dry leaves underfoot, the final seconds in a tied football game, yelling out deep breaths of wonderfully cold air. And while there’s much ado about the effervescent month of December — the parties and the lights and the snow and the thought of January 1st, of Chapter 1 of 365 — I find myself more invigorated, creative, and balanced each and every September equinox. Over the past couple of months I’ve been tinkering away and settling into the cadence of this new season. Last January I picked “balance” as my word of the year for 2016 (“no” was a tempting albeit less constructive option). I rolled up my sleeves …

Documenting Style Through A Year Of Outfits

Mortar boards glided like confetti in the air and just like that, another product designer was minted. For commencement I’d decided to pair a sweet little cream dress — that had rested quietly in my closet in the eight years since my first high school dance — with a pair of second-hand shoes I’d worked forever to afford from an eBayer who went by distinctivecouture: Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps in jet black Napa leather. Throughout college I’d taken on all sorts of odd jobs, from freelance web and graphic design and photography to hosting yard sales and selling beat up bicycles on Craigslist. There was one brief stint as a dorm RA and another running a produce stand. After a summer renting innertubes in North Georgia and working in a pottery shop, I’d head back Atlanta for fall semester, logging onto Model Mayhem to search for modeling gigs for local designers’ lookbooks and fashion shows. My first job out of college wasn’t related to any of these endeavors, and neither was my wardrobe. My closet …

The Sartorialist: On Journaling

Closing the book on my old photo blog. Via VA Sept 21 2012: I began (VA) one month after meeting Scott Schuman and Garance Doré at an Atlanta Gallery. I was halfway through undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech and wanted to start a fashion blog and Scott, who you may know as The Sartorialist, earnestly advised me to take a moment to look around me and consider that my life was not entirely made up of fashion. My life was made up of late night studios, crisp morning walks to class, snow days, themed parties, day trips, forests and mountains, exam weeks, long summer breaks, traveling, football games, work, thrift store outings, late nights with roommates, cozying up at home, and from time to time – fashion. Scott said to capture this and remember it always. His advice stands as relevant then as it does almost exactly two years later – today. College is finished and I’m four months into finding my footing in this big world. This new chapter means new experiences, interests, photos …