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Six Ideas For A Stylish Date Night

My latest guest post with BodhiLuxe Magazine is all about fresh ideas for a stylish date night. We cover the power of comfort, a good text message and a signature scent, along with lacy little bits, the story of how I first met CPR, and more:


Want to do date night with all of the love but none of the schmaltz? The style savvy Jess Hunt makes a welcome return to BodhiLuxe to show us how it’s done…

Whether going out with someone new or to dinner with your partner of many years, date night is the perfect time to try something new, highlight your affection, and get ready with a difference.

A few years ago a particularly handsome guy invited me to a concert, then rang the doorbell with a copy of 100 Years of Solitude and a pack of craft beer in hand. Here are a few date night ideas we’ve shared since then…

Date Night Picnic at the Eiffel Tower

A simple dinner along the Champ de Mars in Paris

Plan It a Little Differently

There is unbelievable power in trying something new. Book dinner at a new restaurant, ride bicycles instead of taking the car, or skip out altogether and spread a blanket in the park for a sunset picnic over farm cheese and wine.

Concerts, galleries, museums, the cinema, and local festivals are all inexpensive chances to soak up new culture together, and more often than not they can be conduits to new conversations, shared ideas, and interests that may grow.

Casual Date Night Style Rose and Fig

Dress Date Night Style Rose and Fig

Wear something comfortable that you feel great in. For a casual date, you could pair a flowing top with leather shorts and dust your face with an illuminating powder. For a more formal night out, add a bold lip, a delicate gold necklace, comfortable heels, and trade the shorts for breezy silk trousers.

Consider Comfort

When you’re comfortable, you’re confident, and that’s an incredibly attractive trait to offer a partner. If you don’t own cuff links, mile-high stilettos, or body-con dresses, there’s no need to buy them for a night out.

Never underestimate the power of a clean white shirt, tailored blazer, and great-fitting jeans, especially when you pair them with a big, warm smile.

Date Night Details

If you’re looking to change up your style you can also try a subtle change that shows off your favourite feature. This could be anything from highlighting cream along your cheekbones to styling your hair differently, or wearing a shirt that shows off your holiday tan and brings out the colour of your eyes.

Just remember that your partner picked wonderful you for a night out – be true to yourself and to your style!

Getting ready for a big date night can also be an opportunity to treat yourself. If your dress shoes give you blisters or are worn out, take the time to have them repaired or replaced before you hit the dance floor. You could also drop into a salon for a relaxing pedicure or massage before heading out, or bring your partner along for a couple’s massage that’s sure to kick off a great evening.

Get Cheeky

On a girls’ night out, a friend once confided that her relationship was ailing as her boyfriend spent several months abroad. We came up with a cheeky little text message that she pinged to him, and from around the world that unexpected sultry note sparked something fresh in their relationship, fanning cosy notions that had been pushed to the back-burner. Today they’re engaged!

Sending a quick message as you get ready for the night out is an instant shot of confidence for both you and your partner, and can be a simple and flirty way to set the state of mind for the entire evening.

Mentioning the Unmentionables

We’re all friends here, so let’s get a bit intimate about, well, intimates! Whether or not you plan to share sight of your skivvies on date night, you should wear some really great underwear. Sokoloff is one of my favourite lingerie lines, ethically made in Canada.

Quality underwear also means you’re taking care of yourself, which is mega sexy. Not to mention half the fun of good lingerie is that it’s your little secret – you feel great without anyone else knowing a thing about it.

Diptyque Cologne

Know the Nose

Scent is strongly tied to memories we make and recall. A good perfume or cologne can be maddeningly attractive, and that’s especially so when you only get to experience it around the person wearing it.

Last year as I stood waiting for a latte at a coffee bar, a barista caught wind of a faint combination of my perfume and sunscreen and curiously noted that I smelled ‘just as a woman should smell in summer time’. Since that day I’ve shied away from spraying on popular department store scents, leaning instead towards unexpected, niche fragrance houses and more natural combinations such as Diptyque.

Some niche houses including Commodity Goods also offer fitting kits so you can sample a variety of scents before committing to a full bottle.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Little Gifts

My grandfather was a cattle farmer who spent his life in rural America, a world away from malls and online shopping. And yet he never overlooked the kind gesture of a small gift. Be it garden jonquils, roadside daisies, or flowering thistle from the pasture, he had a knack for showing up – overalls and all – with flowers.

Pick up a plant, a bottle of wine to share, or a book or film you think your partner might like. Small gifts are an especially great way to break the ice on a first date, but they’re also such sweet reminders of affection in any relationship.

And that handsome guy I mentioned earlier? Cleverly, he stipulated that the copy of 100 Years of Solitude in hand was on loan, ensuring we’d hang out again. Three years later we’re still enjoying date nights together, and next year I get to marry that thoughtful, generous person who let me borrow one of his favourite books.