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Uncommon Gifts For Gentlemen On The Go

This weekend I’m sharing twenty seven gifts for all kinds of chaps – the outdoorsman, the epicure, the entrepreneur, the jet setter. Read on if you’re looking for ideas for a certain beau this month – or if you’re just curious to see what’s in my Netflix queue.


Via BodhiLuxe Magazine: Sorry chaps – and yes, we’re generalising here! – but on the whole you’re infinitely harder to shop for than the ladies in our lives. But don’t you worry, you’re sure to find something you truly want under the tree this year, thanks to Jess Hunt’s super shopping skills (and we’ll also be sure to forward on all your thank you cards…)!


From the wet bar to the bath tub, Jess offers up twenty seven ideas to treat your beau this holiday season, whether he’s the mountain trailblazer, a serial entrepreneur, always on the road with a coffee in hand, or a big fan of Old Fashioneds and the slow food movement.

The Great Outdoorsman


If your guy loves to venture off the beaten path, why not join in the fun for a couple of days? Plan a road-trip to the nearest piece of wilderness for a weekend of camping or cabin hopping, and spend the day hiking, then cosy up for the night by a big fire.

Giving your gift is as easy as wrapping up a map, dotted with a heart to mark the planned spot. For extra brownie points, pack in a solid double-walled aluminum thermos, warm American-made camp socks, Grandpa’s pine tar soap, a Jon Krakauer classic or two, and a take-everywhere Everlane canvas backpack.

The Go Getter


You know who I’m talking about here. This chap is always up to something new, whether it’s learning to DJ Balearic disco on his laptop, training for a marathon, or bootstrapping his own tech startup. And for precisely this reason, he’s impossible to buy for – he knows what he wants and exactly how to get it on his own.

Surprise him with something off the beaten track that’s tailored just for him, be it a monogrammed crystal decanter set, a stamped leather notebook, or a book signed by a favourite author.

Other ideas for the fast-paced guy: phone-friendly touchscreen gloves, a luxe weekender duffle bag, or a night where you can both learn something new, like a local culinary workshop or pottery class.

The Tasteful Gent


From affiange to the Zesty Irishman, this gentleman knows and loves good food and drink. Keep his spirits bright with engraved whiskey stones, a classic Bodum French Press or a Handpresso, Corksicle wine chillers or a craft beer kit.

Hop on a local deals site and treat him to a few gift certificates for the best restaurants in town. Or, find a nearby farmers’ market that offers delivery subscriptions and give him twelve months of fresh produce. And if you’re looking for a well-edited goodie box of foodie delights, Bespoke Post has you covered. Bon appetit!

The Jet-setter


If your chap is always on the road, make his travels cosy and comfortable with a pair of Clark’s beeswax leather desert boots, Bose noise-cancelling headphones, or a stylish Barbour quilted jacket. Or give him the gift of your sweet time, and help him green his skincare routine.

You could also make a mixtape of great road music and serve it all up on a USB drive bottle opener. Alternatively, order up a Netflix subscription for those long flights, and tuck in a notecard of recommendations (Peaky Blinders, Peep Show, House of Cards, TEDTalks, and the Wildest nature series are all on repeat in our household). Home for the holidays? Book a spa for an entire day of relaxing down time together.

If you spied a common thread of spending time together throughout these ideas, you’ve caught on to my sentimental streak. Hopeless over here! Time together can cost nothing, but mean the world to your partner during a harried holiday season. If you decide to gift a great date night for your mister, here are a few ideas on how to keep it stylish and fresh.