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Winter Apothecary: Oille Natural + MCMC Fragrances

No mind to how I plan it, the holiday season always turns out manically busy! Careful to eat well and load up on vitamins as the mercury drops, I’ve found that sticking to a good morning ritual completes my routine for a calm and content body and mind.

And ever on the mark, Lou & Grey has curated a band of eco-minded American beauty makers who brew up the stuff of my beauty bag daydreams. Here are my favorites, bookended by a little holiday cheer I’d like to share with you.

Find the ingredients label on any Oille Natural bottle and you’ll know why adore this company. Evening primrose. Roman chamomile. Safflower oil. Lavender. Patchouli! Every serum mixed up by clinical aromatherapist and SCAD fine arts grad Kirsten King is built from organic ingredients, and each one makes my skin feel and smell brand spanking new. Morning and night, Oille Nautral’s nourishing face serum and body serum are keeping my skin soft and super clear.

Oille Natural ℅: Available in Lou & Grey stores, and online at Oille Naturals, Fig & Flower, and Charleston Naturally.

And speaking of organic ingredients, add bourbon vanilla, tobacco leaf, and balsam fir to the list. MCMC is very practiced in bringing vibrantly modern takes to old-world French perfumery recipes, and Hunter is just one example that offers no gender, age, or era bias. Although the company is only half a decade old, their perfumes feel like they’ve been around forever and ever.

The moment I first smelled MCMC Fragrances’ Hunter perfume oil, it was as if I’d just come home. Envelopingly warm yet also green and bright, Hunter is a bottled version of a favorite flannel shirt, a snowy walk with an old friend, sleepy mornings by a roaring fire. In Hunter you’ll catch notes of fresh fir resin, hot whiskey, dark tonka bean, and just a hint of sweet lavendar. There’s also something that instantly reminds you of a forest floor after a long rain, something lush and fern-like. The French like to call this fougère – I like to call it the only perfume I’m wearing for the foreseeable future.

MCMC Fragrances ℅: Available at Birchbox and MCMC.

Rounding out the bunch is Buckler’s Chapped Lip Remedy. A little minty, a lot moisturizing, this is a big treat in a little tube for the inevitably dry lips that come with the transition from fall to winter. And at $7 a pop, I can grab a few for the coming months, and a few more for friends and family as gifting season draws near.

Buckler’s ℅: Available in Lou & Grey stores, and from Buckler’s list of stockists.
2015 update: I now stock up on Burt’s Bees peppermint $2.50-a-tube chapstick.

In case you didn’t know it, I am so thankful for YOU. Yes, you, you reading this. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for being my friend! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.