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Socially-Conscious Makers Market: Orange Harp



Authentic. Well-made. Long-lasting. Socially-conscious. These words are not spoken enough around this weekend which marks a few American holidays. With so much emphasis on sales and giving and getting, it’s all too easy to become wrapped up in the frenzy of more and to forget to figure out the stories behind the things we choose to buy.

This time of year I constantly remind myself to consider what is joyful, beautiful, useful; what is consciously made, well made, fairly made. In the past discerning these good objects has felt like an arduous research project for me as many retailers can be opaque or even deceptive about their labor, materials, and manufacturing practices.

Orange Harp, a new socially-conscious makers’ marketplace, is a welcomed salve to this predicament. Illuminating the world of fashion and home goods, Orange Harp curates fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and home goods that are as beautifully made as they are ethical. The app, which donates 1% of all sales to Not For Sale, is a one-stop shop that partners with small businesses who focus on:

  • Impeccable design using natural or recycled materials
  • Care for the community
  • Respect for the planet and a low carbon footprint

If you’re interested in socially conscious on the go, you can grab the Orange Harp iPhone app here and check out a few of my favorite featured makers below. Be sure to use the promo code ROSEFIG to receive 15% off your order through the end of the holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!





15% off your order code: ROSEFIG
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