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At Home: First Few Years In Our Craftsman Bungalow

– Our First Years At Home –
2012-2014 Archive

We’ve made a lot of changes since we first moved into our home in summer of 2012 — the same season I started to write this blog. Here’s a recap of life at home in those first few years (along with a few recipes, DIYs, and furniture-building escapades).

Jul 17, 2012

Two months ago, CPR and I began to fall in love with this 1935-built Craftsman Bungalow. Our realtor, Ryan Graham, was beyond patient. We looked at two dozen houses from North Monroe to Candler Park before walking into our favorite in Poncey-Highland. Now that boxes are unpacked, our first garden is establishing itself and the front porch is my favorite place for dinner and drinks. A little grey garden snake visits often. We added a ceiling fan, some southern hanging fern baskets, and a lounge set from Ikea’s Ammerö collection. The house came with concrete planters perfect for lemon balm, chocolate mint, Greek basil, oregano, English lavender, tomato vine, and bell pepper. There’s also a fig sapling named Albert!

Pillows: Greendale Home Fashion

Milk + Honey Potting

Jul 25, 2012

Last winter CPR and I got cabin fever and began making pottery. We have them scattered around the house on bookshelves and every time I spy one I’m reminded of our fun time together.

Jamaican Me Bananas

Jul 25, 2012

CPR and I made this from a rusted panel we found in my mom’s barn and paired it with our banana tree. Doesn’t it remind you of a rainy day in the Caribbean?

Wick Voronoi Table

Jul 26, 2012

I built this table from honey pine, acrylic, a light strip, and mylar I printed with a Voronoi Diagram. The Diagram shows up in dragonfly wings and giraffe fur, and can represent the spread of disease outbreaks, forest fires, and the atomic charges of molecules… and named after Wickers (Chadwick, known around here as CPR)!


PBB Blueberry Honey Waffles

Aug 5, 2012

CPR’s peanut butter, bananas, and honey:

Blueberries from mom’s yard, honey, and whipped cream (Clearly yours truly’s choice!):

First Colony’s Green Frog Blend coffee through a French press with (so much delicious) churned milk is perfect. The company is owned by a Colombian grower and it stays fresh in the air seal bag.

I love starting Saturdays with weekend brunch. Today it’s Van’s waffles from Whole Foods – they’re gluten-free and delicious.

Living Room Peek

Aug 11, 2012

Favorite paintings and photographs from travels to Peru, Zambia, Chesapeake Bay, and Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe stand with with globes from our families, CPR’s pottery, seashells from a stormy ocean visit, a very special clay planter from the Mississippi Coast, an anniversary elephant from Savannah, and so many books.

Barn Door Farm Table

Aug 16, 2012

We visited North Georgia antique stores looking for a classic farm table for the dining room and came home instead with a barn door. CPR sanded and stained the wood before I added legs and metal bracing brackets. It was a little shaky, so we added L-brackets and a four-board apron after some number of dinners. Building handmade, we spent about a hundred dollars and saved six hundred. Kipper dog can’t tell the difference – it’s his favorite hiding place.

Between Friends/Entre Amis

Aug 29, 2012

I want to share Between Friends/Entre Amis. It is filled with pictures and quotes in English and French celebrating friendship between The United States and Canada. So much of the pasture scenery reminds me of growing up on in North Georgia.

Field Notes

Sep 19, 2012

I am a hopeless collector of earth and biology. [1] Rainy day grey and lime painting. [2] Map of Rhodesia from Paris on Ponce, Haitian rubble from a professor, shells and stones from best friends. My friend Christina’s gorgeous enormous clay pot is tucked safely underneath. [3] A history of my family surname. [4] Keepsake lighter from CPR’s grandparents. [5] Varnished turtle shells from mom’s class. [6] An old clay pot with a feldspar, borate, and syenite glaze. [7] Deer and snapping turtle skulls. [8] Shells from our trip to the gulf this summer. [9] Pieces of old, patterned Zambian pottery and a fossilized giraffe vertabra found on walks with children in the Luangwa riverbed last year. [10] Sharks’ teeth collection from El Jobean beach. [11] Driftwood from around North Georgia.

Pumpkin Chai Latte Pancakes

Oct 29, 2012

The chill over Atlanta this weekend left me craving warm spiced pancakes. Mixing 3/4 of a scoop of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Chai Latte powder  with 1 cup of Pioneer pancake mix, 1 egg, and about half a cup of water (milk works, too) gave us four perfectly pumpkin honey-topped pancakes. The latte mix is even better than the original chai we demolished last month! The mason jar tea towel was found on a recent visit to Youngblood Boutique.

Dressing Room

Nov 8, 2012

Welcome to my armoire.

Shoes have a special place in our house, tucked in a corner of the guest room. To decorate I framed shopping bags from a few fond memories, displaying them on a brass bar cart found at St. Vincent de Paul. CPR gave me the happy Parapluie-Revel poster, which we also found on an antiquing trip to Chamblee.

Crisp Little Study Room

Jan 26, 2013

Afternoon sun speckles.

The dust has finally settled on the first big project inside our home: having dated fireworks-textured ceilings torn down, replastered, and sanded smooth; replacing crown moulding; repainting the walls; and making the sunny study room finally ours with fresh space to read and work. Vittsjö book shelves line the entry.

Like most 1930’s Atlanta craftsman bungalows, ours came with popcorn-ish plaster ceilings. The picture frame moulding supported wall hangings too heavy for the plaster walls, but the stippled ceilings were a free love-era aesthetic that didn’t work. We hired a plasterer to palette-knife the ceilings, traded to an eight-inch moulding, and coated the walls in Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray.

After searching for matching Barcelona chairs at Paris on Ponce and Highland Antiques for months and coming up empty-handed, we went for a gorgeous modern take on them, instead. We love them! The railroad tie lamp was a gift to my boyfriend, CPR, that we found at Clipper Trading Co. in Savannah last summer, and the danish record player was from an antique store in my hometown. The framed concert posters are a sweet reminder of first memories with the mister – Miami Horror and Foster the People were two of our first dates. The brass drink cart from St. Vincent’s, a thrift store in Chamblee, stands ready to warm visiting friends with Botanist gin and Dalmore scotch. My nana gave us the glass whiskey decanter after it ended up at the shop she volunteers at (and a favorite of mine, also in Chamblee), Assistance League Atlanta.

Kipper refuses to leave his new nap spot cowhide rug (Ikea).

CPR painted the abstract canvas that hangs above the industrial desk we found at Highland Antiques. We finally have a dedicated office space to work! He also made our new staghorn fern window from baby ferns, sphagnum moss, fruit netting, fishing line, and an old window pane.


Jun 6, 2013

It’s been pouring rain this week and all I want to do is read big books over something on the rocks. CPR received these monogrammed tumblers as a groomsman’s gift. They feel very Jay Gatsby to me. Etching your initials is awfully romantic and permanent, when it seems everything else in the kitchen is a binary purchase between Target and Ikea. Another treasure for the bar cart.

Secret Garden

Jun 20, 2013

Our daylilies are putting on quite a show, bursting with new pops of color every day. It feels most candid to photograph them at dark, when the colors start to get gritty and really bleed onto one another. In a way it reminds me of those very temporal 17th-century Dutch still lifes, with fresh tulips carefully juxtaposed against dark bits of insects, skulls, and once-bright fruits.


Feb 10, 2014

Fun fact: Rose & Fig originally was called “The Atlantist,” and also went by “Native Blonde” for a year or so.

Ever since my 35 mm lens arrived this week, I’ve been looking for any excuse to take photos. Today I pulled together some favorite things after sketching them into an idea for a new blog header: Diptyque Figuier candles, Miss Dior Cherie perfume, a fresh hot cup of coffee, coral and quartz crystals, André Malraux‘s Anti-Memoirs, ruffled flowers, a secret-compartment pyramid necklace, and a trusty Moleskine notebook.

DIY Gold Dipped Candles

Feb 16, 2014

It seems like we always have mismatched candles around the house. Some are years and years old, different colors and brands, but they retain their scents well – and I will find any excuse to make an event candle-lit. Matching them up with gold spray paint only took a few minutes. Now I love the dappled, shimmery gold glow they give off every night.

  • Clean down the outside glass of the candle. Use a little dishwasher detergent and warm water to remove any labels.
  • Once dry, wrap the outside top of the candle with lightweight tape like this (my tape is by Frog).
  • Set the candle tape-side down on newspapers – this saves the need to seal the interior.
  • Using long, quick strokes, spray all the way around, then spray over a second time a few minutes later.
  • Let the paint dry for an hour, then peel away the tape.
  • Light your new candles, run a hot bath, and enjoy a glass of wine with the money saved!

Sunday Morning

Sep 7, 2014

The past couple of days I’ve been brushing up on filming skills for some upcoming projects at Georgia Tech. Here’s a little peek into our weekend at home – catching up on some reading, tending to the plants, romping with Kipper and Pimms Cup.







  • Kimberly Bauer

    Always bugging you. Sorry. The Barcelona chairs ‘modern’… where did you find these ones? I’m assuming these are not the ones that cost 8k. Looking for a better deal.

  • No worries at all and I hear you — We would have loved to get a set of real Barcelona chairs but even the rag-tag antique ones around Atlanta are $1k+ apiece.

    These were an Amazon find from 2012. One of the frames arrived a little bent and the company sent a replacement right away — five years in they still look brand new! Here’s the order info. They may still have something similar, or Craigslist or eBay might have secondhand ones for a steal!
    $349.99 x2 Pavilion Black Leather Modern Accent Chair
    Sold by: Great Deal Furniture