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Kirsten Kjær Weis Shares 7 Natural Makeup Tips

Kirsten Kjær Weis has a certain magnetism about her. You can tell she’s a woman who has thought a lot about what she’s going to say — that words are important to her. Soft-spoken and eloquent, her manner makes you want to lean in, be quiet, and listen. When she dropped by green beauty spot Fig & Flower last week, Caroline and I pulled up a couple of chairs, sat down, and did just that.

5 Minute Face: Dewy Daily Makeup Routine

My idea of perfect daily makeup is somewhere between I woke up like this (flawless) and that endless summer glow that can only be found after a week sunbathing off the coast of Spain, lips stained and cheeks flushed off a big glass of Malbec and night of dancing. Really reasonable for a designer who works in an office all week and gets fully flush-faced at first sight of sunshine and rosé, right? With practice and a few miracle workers, I’ve figured out how to roll out of bed with eyes half shut and spend five minutes prepping for my day with a few good products to get glowing. Here we go… OSEA Sea Minerals Spray A couple spritzes of this perks my face right up. OSEA’s Spray is the first thing I put on my face in the morning and the last thing I spray on each night, before my face has to go eight hours without water. It’s a seriously calming formula that’s packed with vitamins and finishes skin with a gorgeous dewy …