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Day to Night: e. fitzpatrick and the Perfect Cold Weather Dress

Rare is the day that the chaotic universe of holiday fashion delivers up the most perfect, creamy little white dress. Effortless and versatile, a dress that’s as comfortable running errands and dropping by the office as it is attending every last holiday bash and New Year’s soiree on your jam-packed December calendar. Rarer still does that dress hail from New York’s garment district (without breaking the bank), hand sketched by a woman who is as interested in anthropology and the history of fashion as she is in designing an ethical, timeless wardrobe, in hopes that the dresses she patterns from scratch will be passed on to the next generation.

A Simpler Wardrobe: Spring Outfits + Nothing New Challenge

These are outfits I wore the first spring after I set out to whittle down my wardrobe. Here’s what the fall and winter before looked like, and summer ahead. How I used to get dressed. How I got started on wardrobe editing. First lessons learned. An interview on my Nothing New Challenge.  2014 Jan 8, 2014 Well now, where were we? Ah yes, 2013 and waxing poetic about the secret lives of secondhand party tops. Right. So. Happy new year to you! I am back from the abyss of a very restorative winter break that was filled with surprises. This year brings me a new position at work, a new backyard, the closure of a three-month suede bootie search, a fresh-from-Roatan tan, and a very special piece of chocolate. If you follow me on Instagram you may have already spied this post. I am one lucky girl to have such a kind and wonderful best friend (who knows that my adoration for chocolate conquers all precious stones), and even luckier to get to spend the …