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Moving to Where With Elle

Over the past five years of documenting what’s in my wardrobe I’ve simplified a solid system for closet clean outs, spent a year away from retail therapy (and audited another year’s worth of purchases), identified smarter shopping habits,ย developed a deeper sense of personal style, re-framed perspective, greened my beauty routine, married my best friend, and packed my bags for a few lucky adventures around the world.

Our Wedding: September 19, 2015

September 19, 2015, I got to marry my best friend. As the cool air of fall rushes in all at once we are still basking in that golden light of remarkable love, kindness, and joy felt all around on our wedding day. A thousand different things didn’t go as planned and yet, as always, fate forms reality far better than we could ever dream it. Like that Pynchon quote, every cup of tea was perfect.

Autumn Wellness Rituals + How To Make A (Damn Good) Hot Toddy

There’s something so wonderful about the cool air that comes with the first weeks of fall. Like clockwork, those crisp mornings signal some primal rhythm in me. Hunt, gather, slow down. I start to crave citrus, warm tea, hot baths, and five more minutes under the covers. Autumn also has a way of welcoming inspiration and ideas into my life. This year it means a new little series for Rose & Fig: Wellness Rituals. Each post I’ll highlight the routines that help me to be well, stay stylish, and live verdantly. First up, autumn wellness rituals! Start with Super Tea: Bee Pollen, Spicy Honey, Ginger, Citrus Steep these in a mug of hot water for a one-two punch against colds, congestion, and fall allergies. Containing every essential amino acid, bee pollen is one of nature’s most nourishing superfoods – and when I buy locally, both pollen and honey seem to help a lot with fall allergies. I use Atlanta Honey Company’s Hotlanta Honey, which clears up congestion and doubles as a nourishing shampoo treatment. Ginger, …