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Our Wedding: September 19, 2015

September 19, 2015, I got to marry my best friend. As the cool air of fall rushes in all at once we are still basking in that golden light of remarkable love, kindness, and joy felt all around on our wedding day. A thousand different things didn’t go as planned and yet, as always, fate forms reality far better than we could ever dream it. Like that Pynchon quote, every cup of tea was perfect.

How We Saved $40,000 Celebrating Our Wedding Day

My dear aunt recently confided that her favorite weddings are the kind where the groom is in his Sunday best, bride in her favorite hat, photos by the family fireplace, reception in the backyard – and you can’t shut the honeymoon suitcases because they’re stuffed so full with the money everyone saved by having a pragmatic little wedding. And yes, a beautiful city hall wedding runs you $50. And yes, that leaves an enormous gap to arrive at the median US wedding cost of $20,000 – and an even larger one to hit the $30,000 national average. Throw in a 150 person guest list and having your big day in a big city on a Saturday in September, and you may start to see why this time last year, wedding estimates closer to six figures than four were totally. freaking. me. out. A LITTLE PRE-PLANNING Then I did three really important things. First, I got my hands on this wedding planning bible. A Practical Wedding will reframe how you think about your engagement and celebrating …