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Moving to Where With Elle

Over the past five years of documenting what’s in my wardrobe I’ve simplified a solid system for closet clean outs, spent a year away from retail therapy (and audited another year’s worth of purchases), identified smarter shopping habitsdeveloped a deeper sense of personal style, re-framed perspective, greened my beauty routine, married my best friend, and packed my bags for a few lucky adventures around the world.

Over those years I set aside time to develop a system of personal values that’s helped me become more intentional about what I choose to consume each day. I’ve since shifted my daily habits and decisions to engage in more ethical shopping, make less wasteful purchases, and center my projects and posts around a more sustainable lifestyle.

As the final chapter of Rose & Fig comes to a close, I’m beginning to write a new story that’s all about celebrating healthy, vibrant, verdant living — where to go, shop, and stay — as well as smart, simple solutions for sustainable living and evergreen guides geared at fostering a more mindful, curious lifestyle that’s filled to the brim with adventure.

I hope to create a conversation and community centered around creating a beautiful life filled with exploration and compassion.

Welcome to Where With Elle.

Hope to see you there!