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4 ways to wrap up in an alpaca wool blanket scarf

Gina Moyano and I first crossed paths six months ago. As I was gearing up for a balmy summer in Atlanta, she was beginning to dream up fresh handbag designs for her luxe collection of sustainable accessories, Chakanu, which she creates in collaboration with a selection of hand-picked artisans in her home country of Ecuador. Through Chakanu Gina combines sustainability and ethical working conditions with modern, high-quality accoutrements. Chakanu is a labor of love born outside of working hours — Gina is a fellow brand manager with an affinity for sustainable practices, and, like me, she cares an awful lot about making things that are good for people and for our planet.

What To Wear: Light Hiking, City E-Biking, Outdoor Exploring

Labor Day means heading north for a weekend at Big Canoe to share home cooking and football over campfires and Georgia beer with family. And at last… riding boots! Have a wonderful weekend, y’all. Frye Paige Boots (on sale). Bespoke bag designed in collaboration with the wonderful Andover Trask. Quartz necklace from Le Fortune (similar on Etsy). Michael Kors Runway watch. Thrifted Madewell Alley Jeans (true to size), LOFT space dye tee, Ralph Lauren fishing vest. Vintage Ann Taylor belt.   Pruning the Roses Sep 13, 2014 The other day I was on our back deck with a cup of coffee when I came eye to eye with one brave little squirrel. Paws covered in peat, she paid me little mind, disregarding the sunshine and the wind in the trees alike as that walnut-sized brain seemed to cry out “Winter, winter, winter!”. We’re not so different there. Lately I’ve kept busy stocking up and storing away, following that seasonal instinct to squirrel away the seeds of ideas and projects as the weather starts to cool …

One extremely long post: My first year documenting outfits and personal style

New job, new house, new clothes… It was May 2012 and as mortar boards glided like confetti in the air, another product designer was minted. For commencement I’d paired a sweet little cream dress (that had rested quietly in my closet in the eight years since my first high school dance) with a pair of second-hand shoes I’d worked forever to afford from eBayer distinctivecouture: Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps in jet black Napa leather.